Nutrition + Wellbeing

Simple, healthy advice to complement

your beautiful, busy life.

Hi, I'm Cyndi

Naturopathy transformed my life and enables me to help others optimise their nutrition, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Are you an ambitious women looking for support to:

Reclaim Your Energy

Together we look to identify and address the root cause – whether this is un-refreshing sleep, stress or a specific health concern.

Healthy Hormones

Navigate moody, painful, heavy, scanty or irregular periods. We help women make-up with their hormones and support their vitality.

Prepare for Pregnancy

Transitioning off contraception or looking to expand your family? Preconception care helps support a healthy, fertile environment.

Each consultation is personalised to your individual needs. Together we will explore your health holistically from our Hamilton clinic or the comfort of your own home.


Our 5 Pillars of Health

What Our Clients Say

"I thoroughly enjoyed my naturopathy sessions with Cyndi. She is a good listener and I felt I could talk without being rushed. She offered me simple manageable changes that suited my lifestyle. I felt she took a real interest and I appreciated how she worked with my GP. She also checked in with me to see how I was progressing, and she was there to help when I needed it. I really appreciated how she thoroughly explained the methods behind certain treatments, and she made me feel very comfortable when I needed to talk about the symptoms I was experiencing. Thank you for all your help!"

- Charlotte, Auckland


What is Naturopathy?

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. Naturopathy is about creating the right environment for this to happen. At Healthy Sprout we support the body's natural processes with lifestyle changes, nutrition advice, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

What types of health concerns do you work with?

Our focus is the woman in front of us and her individual needs. Cyndi’s special interests include hormone health (PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, prenatal care), skin health (acne, dry skin) and digestive health (IBS, bloating). She also loves work with women looking to optimise overall wellbeing which may include natural detoxification, nutrition or improving sleep quality.

Can I work with you if I am working with a GP or taking medications?

 Definitely! Healthy Sprout is a complementary medicine clinic, we would love to be a part of your wellness team.

How many appointments do I need to attend?

Each client has different health goals and receives a personalised Health Plan. It is recommended that you have a minimum of three appointments however an individualised schedule will be created based on your unique needs.